Autism and Speech Premium Course

Step by step guide with action plan and frameworks, checklist to equip you by effective strategies .You will get customized therapy advice after assessment by experts and handholding support for your empower autistic child care. It will shape a better future for autistic child.

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About the course

Welcome to Parents/Caregivers & therapists,

You will learn the practical strategies, implementation framework, and step-by-step guide for a better future for autistic children. Your stress will be reduced, and your time & money will be saved by customised therapy advice after assessment by experts and handholding support for your child.

Who Should Join-

Parents, Therapists & caregivers of children not speaking, Hyperactive children, Autism/ADHD

8 Modules and 28 Chapters

Module 1 - Be Aware

  1. Autism Course Introduction- What will you learn, Instructions &Disclaimer
  2. Definition of Autism by DSM-5
  3. To check whether the child is having or not Autism symptoms
  4. At which age should you check what development is in your child? How to know the severity (Mild, Moderate, or severe) of Autism

Module 2 – Know the Reason

  1. Causes of Autism
  2.  Number of Cases & Financial Burden of Autism
  3. Step-by-step guide for diagnosis
  4. Why is Autism Increasing-
  5. Can Autism Be Cured?-What should you do?

Module 3 – Plan the Management

  1. Virtual Autism-causes, and how to prevent it
  2. Autism Treatment Checklist-For newly diagnosed cases of Autism and parents not getting results from treatment and therapies,
  3. How to improve the well-being of your child

Module 4 – What Should You Do

  1. What to give or avoid in a diet
  2. Strategies for picky-eater child
  3. Treatment & Therapies-

Module 5 Make Your Child an Asset

  1.  strategies for making self-dependent
  2. Career Opportunities –
  3. 21st Century Skills PDF –
  4. Step-by-step guide to manage Hyperactive child

Module 6 Next Step

  1. Meltdown Handling-
  2. Factors contributing to the improvement 
  3. How to send your autistic child to a regular school

Module 7 Foundation of the Future

  1. Early intervention- 
  2.  Required steps for a better future for Autistic children
  3.  Parents pain points & its solutions

Module 8 Latest Updates & Tips

  1.  A detailed guide to improving communication
  2. Latest Research on Autism-




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We are providing holistic (Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Nutritional) health check-up to children below 12 years & digital care of Autism by holistic approach to treat Autism Naturally by Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Natural Medicine, Diet and Therapies by a team of Experts (Psychologist, Dietician, Yoga Instructor, Neuro-linguistic

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